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We would like to inform you that the next retreat with Swami Shankarananda Giri is going to take place on 1st to 10th March 2018 at Kriya Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh.

We are sure that the experience of taking part in this seminar will be again enriching, as Swamiji will be giving teachings on Cosmic Astrology, underlining the direct connections with Kriya Yoga practice and the sacred texts of the Vedic tradition. He will reveal the mysteries of tithis (the cycles of the Sun and Moon in the human body), give explanations about the calculation of the Hindu festivals and many other topics that will interest all of us. 

The holy science of Cosmic Astrology (BrahmandaJyotis in Sanskrit) was revived by Sri Yukteswarjee, after being long time lost due to the effects of dvaparayuga, when people engrossed themselves in maya and many lost the divine knowledge and awareness. 

From Sri Yukteswarjee it was later transmitted to Swami Narayan Giri (Prabhujee) who in turn handed it over to Swami Shankarananda Giri.
Due to his own experiences, deep knowledge of scriptures and highly spiritual advancement into Kriya Yoga, Swamiji enhanced even more the sacred Cosmic Astrology, developing many diagrams and formulas to give a better understanding to all spiritual seekers and to the public at large.


Registration time:  November 20th till February 15th 
Please register with your country coordinator or by e-mail to if you are not linked to any group.
It is mandatory to provide all the details of your flights such as:
-name, e-mail address
- arrival day, time and place, flight number
- departure day, time and place, etc.

 Cost : 300 € from 1st to 10th March or 30 € per day for a shorter period.

This amount includes the food and accommodation in Kriya Yoga Ashram, as well as the program for all period.
The cost of the seminar will be payable to the coordinators, right upon arrival.
You are requested to inclose the money into an envelope, before the initiation time.The payment can be done in euros, dollars or Indian rupees.
For 10 days seminar: 22000 INR / 300 € / 350 $

For additional stay before or after the seminar, accommodation per day will be 500 rupees / 7.00 € / 8.00 $ (to be included in the envelope). 

Kriya yoga initiation: 1st of March-in the morning
New participants can receive the First Kriya initiation at the very beginning of the seminar.
For the initiation ceremony one must provide: the initiation cost(donation), 5 fruits, 5 flowers, 1 packet of ghee, 1 packet of incense sticks.
We can buy flowers, ghee and incenses for you for 300 INR. Fruits can be found at any stall close to the ashram.
Donation for the initiation:  3000 INR / 42.00 € / 48 $

The easiest way to reach Rishikesh is by flight from Delhi to Dehradun airport (30 km to the ashram).